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Wild Birds like to be fat and happy especially when winter is coming. Keep the birds in your area feeling full and well nourished with flavored suet pellets. These pellets are the perfect source of nutrients to provide concentrated energy and protein to the wild birds that you are feeding. Attract a variety of gorgeous wild birds into your midst. Known species that enjoy the suet pellets include Bluebirds, Woodpeckers, Robins, Wrens, Chickadees, and Cardinals. For an added delicious twist, try mixing our dried mealworms in with your favorite suet pellets for your local birds to enjoy. This is extremely helpful around winter seasons when food sources are slim and it can be hard to find nutritious food. The pellet pieces are easy for the birds to swallow, and also easy for them to carry back to family members or new born babies. Take some pellets on your next bird watching excursion to attract the wildlife, or place them in your local backyard feeder. They are easy to keep fresh. Simply store them in a dry and cool location as you would with any dried food product. We recommend using a sealed plastic bin or tupperware of some sort to keep the suet pellets fresh. This will help to prevent moisture from making the pellets soggy, and prevent them from attracting other bugs or animals while in storage. Shop our great selection of suet pellets, and dried mealworms today!