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Dried Mealworms are a tasty and nutritious form of food for wild birds. At Dried Insects online store, we guarantee only the freshest and highest-quality dried mealworms. In order to ensure continued freshness and long-lasting quality, it is important to store your purchased dried mealworms properly.

The primary concern in storing dried mealworm is moisture. You want to store your dried mealworms in a dry and cool location. Wet or damp mealworms will become moldy and spoil. Spoiled mealworm will have a distinct and foul odor, and will be unfit for consumption.

Another concern in storing dried mealworms is freshness. By its very nature, dried mealworms will last for an extended period of time. However, it will not last forever and can actually become stale prematurely. This occurs when the mealworms are not stored in a sealed container. Stale mealworm will flake and become "dusty". Prevent staleness of your mealworms by storing it in a tightly, sealed container located in a cool, dry place. This will also help prevent other bugs and animals from enjoying your mealworms.

For consumers who purchase fresh, dried mealworm in bulk, it may be helpful to have 1 gallon (or larger) jugs/tubs with a screw-on top on hand. The mealworm can be placed in the container(s), and the screw-on top will keep the mealworm from moisture and the elements and ensure freshness for a longer period of time. Large plastic containers/boxes can accomplish the same thing.

If you have any further questions on how best to store your dried mealworm, do not hesitate to contact us.